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Herbalife Distributor Difference

We voluntarily subscribe to the Herbalife Distributor Difference. As a leading Herbalife Distributor committed to best practices, transparency and excellent support throughout our organisation of more than 400 independent Herbalife distributors.

The Distributor Difference ensures that we’re adding the value that Herbalife expects top Herbalife distributors to offer customers and members of their organisation. Without people like you, Herbalife and DietPal wouldn’t exist. That’s why we have a responsibility to you and there are severe consequences should we fail to deliver the Distributor Difference.

At DietPal, we share Herbalife’s commitment to “Helping people live their best lives” and we achieve this through the Distributor Difference. But the Distributor Difference isn’t just about customer services, it’s so much more! The Distributor Difference is delivered by independent Herbalife members who are an experienced, professional wellness coach, who have undertaken extensive education and training on the nutrition products they sell, so that they can act in your best interest whilst delivering nutrition coaching services. We all strive towards and encourage healthier, active lifestyles and together, we all become one huge supportive community of like-minded people achieving similar goals.

It’s what makes us unique. The Herbalife Distributor Difference sets us apart from other wellness and weight management brands. Slimfast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World and others do not offer a similar range of diet, weight loss and wellness products whilst delivering the added value of complete customer services backed by education and training and community support.

So we are responsible for training, mentoring, developing and having ongoing communication with anyone we personally sponsor, including those we introduce as Herbalife Independent Members to achieve an additional income.

This is how we build a successful downline organisation, through coaching and development, as well as extensive product and customer services training. We teach our team how to utilise e-commerce channels, like you see on our website, to maximise their revenue opportunities and how to replicate our tried and tested retail e-commerce marketing strategy, both free and paid versions, to accelerate their success in Herbalife. But we go one step further too, we train our team on how to build a real business rather than just a second commission-based sales job, taking the average person throughout the entrepreneurial process to deliver the opportunity to achieve the same results we achieve on a monthly basis.

We share the same knowledge and skills we’ve implemented over the last decade in e-commerce and direct sales and marketing to save you the headache of trial and error and we help you to provide complete customer service to your members and customers.

We’re always available to answer questions, provide advice and respond to customer and team member concerns. We provide everyone who interacts with us the opportunity to engage in a personal relationship via human interaction before the customer’s first purchase. That’s because it’s important to make sure our customers are buying the most suitable product for their needs and goals.

DietPal has built a stable foundation for a successful, long-term business that can be replicated by those with the drive and passion for helping others to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Andrew Hill, a qualified personal trainer and nutrition expert specialising in fat loss with more than a decade of experience owns and operates DietPal. As a serial entrepreneur, Andrew Hill has operated a number of organisations in different sectors. He has achieved Master’s and bachelor’s degrees with honours and distinction in business, law and marketing-related fields. With several years employing staff and leading teams, Andrew Hill should be the only choice when it comes to direct sales success. Not only will we help you to generate leads for your MLM business but we will teach you how to build a real business and not just a second job!

You’ll be taught about our products and how to use them, the Herbalife Sales and Marketing Plan, how to run your business complying with the rules, learning from the mistakes we made over the years and the consequences of our mistakes, how to advertise properly, including strategy and tactics but also regulatory considerations. We will teach you how to use sales aids, including lead funnels, lead capture tools, e-commerce, print and digital marketing, lead magnets, ebooks and other media and more. We will teach you the basics of customer service and how we deliver exceptional, one-on-one customer service with a real person without being overwhelmed by customer enquiries so that you can truly fit your business around you. We will invite you to Herbalife events, meetings, training and other functions and educate you about the different events you might qualify for based on performance and finally, we will teach you the business strategies and tools you need to convert customers and the general public into members without alienating any of your friends and family; we oppose the idea of recruiting friends and family because we would never want to put our own friends and family in a position where they have to feel obliged to support us by joining our team despite them not truly having the same passion as me; the team members who feel obliged to join to support you, rather than for themselves, are unlikely to have the motivation to succeed and not only will you be wasting their money and time but you’ll be wasting your own resources which can be better placed elsewhere.

In Direct Marketing, whether it’s Herbalife or any other multi-level marketing company, it’s all changed since our upline were recruiting. The new ways of marketing are in full force and are demanded by the market. I’m going to teach you some hard truths about what works and what doesn’t if you join my team.

Our members, including myself, act as wellness coaches to provide one-on-one support, advice and motivation. There should be no mistake though, not all Herbalife independent members are nutrition experts and personal trainers like Andrew Hill with a wealth of fitness, health, weight loss, diet and nutrition experience, skills and knowledge. That’s what sets DietPal apart; we are qualified fitness and nutrition experts, we are experienced and educated business mentors and we are poised to kickstart your next investment!

Bing accountable to our members and customers by undertaking training and development, providing the complete customer service and ongoing communication with stakeholders is how we truly deliver the Herbalife Distributor Difference.

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This website is operated by the following Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member:

Andrew Hill


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